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It is an own brand of TERUEL & Co. It is one of the most recognized motorcycle brands in the Dominican Republic.
X1000 is also recognized for its line of water pumps, power generators and agricultural equipment.


Aprilia, winner of 54 world motorcycle championships, is Italian pride, which is why even the smallest detail is thought out, designed, and built in its factory, located in the city of Noale, Italy.

Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi, a renowned Italian motorcycle brand, is globally celebrated for its innovative high-performance bikes. Crafted to perfection in Mandello del Lario, Italy, each motorcycle embodies the brand’s commitment to advanced technology and superior design.


Piaggio, a global leader in premium scooters and motorcycles, is celebrated for its innovative designs and advanced technologies. Meticulously crafted with Italian expertise, each Piaggio vehicle embodies excellence and sophistication in the world of two-wheeled transportation.


Vespa, a globally acclaimed scooter brand, epitomizes timeless Italian design and innovation. Revered for its iconic and stylish models, Vespa symbolizes not just a mode of transportation but a cultural icon that blends elegance, efficiency, and a distinctive lifestyle.


It is an international brand of premium motorcycles renowned for its groundbreaking innovations, high performance, and the inclusion of cutting-edge technologies in all of its bikes.


It is an own brand of TERUEL & Co. with a long history in the rubber sector, characterized by innovation when distributing our tires nationwide.

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